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Friday, September 19, 2014

Cowl-ing Right Along!

I’m almost halfway into the second stitch pattern of my Standing Stones cowl, AKA Project One, Freshman Year, Loopy Academy.  I’m also almost done with my first skein of yarn.  I bought three skeins because the pattern called for that much for the fingering version, but once I started reading the pattern, I realized that the fingering version was going to be too big for me, so I adjusted the numbers to get one the size of the worsted version.  I think I’ll only use two skeins, but I’ll use the spare skein for a pair of fingerless mitts.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  This will be the first weekend since the beginning of August that I don’t have workers all over the outside of the house.  I plan on sleeping in and wandering around in pajamas!  There might even be afternoon naps!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time to Start Thinking

I’ve completed my second skein of the white on my two color Ombre Ravello.  I have a total of four skeins of white that match perfectly.  I also have a partial skein of white that’s a tiny bit off from the others.  If I have to use that partial skein (and I think I will), I’ll use it for ribbings where the slight color change won’t be noticeable because of the texture change in the stitches.

I decided that when I got to the end of the second skein of white on the body, I would put stitch holders on my cables and start the sleeves.  Once the sleeves are finished, I can finish the body.  Unless I’m not sure I have enough yarn to do long sleeves and then I’ll put the sleeves on holders too, go back and finish the body and then finish the sleeves.  I think.  I haven’t figured out everything yet.  Also, I’ve got to weigh some yarn to see where I am on the ombre mini skeins.  I’m planning on adding a few more stripes to the sleeves, which will cut down on the amount of white I’m using, but I’ll need to make sure I don’t run out of anything on the second sleeve.  Theoretically, I should be fine because I only use about 175 yards of the accent color and I have 400 or so.  However, since these are mini skeins, I only have about 80+ yards of each step of the ombre.

I’m going to get some caffeine now and see what I can figure out!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bricks, Check!

Yesterday they finished the bricking!  All the bricks are on the house.  Of course now they have to caulk the windows, wash the windows, put the screens back on the windows, put the downspouts and vent covers back on the house, reinstall the exterior lighting, put the fence back together where they opened it up, fix the sprinkler system and replace the landscaping they killed.

Oh, and we still have a Port-A-Loo.

So, not done yet, really.

Yesterday Mickael and I replaced the ceiling fan in our bedroom and it was so nice and quiet last night!

We’re getting there, but we’re not there quite yet!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Loopy Academy

I’ve finished the first stitch pattern for my Standing Stones Cowl (AKA Loopy Academy project 1) and started the second stitch pattern.  If you look really closely, you can see the beginnings of diagonal lines of lace at the bottom edge, right above the needles.  If you can’t really see it yet, hang in there, I’m going to knit more of it - you can see it later!

In bricking news, we had workers here Saturday and Sunday this weekend, working 12 hour days, and they’re almost through with the bricks!  I think (maybe) they’ll be finished with the bricks today. Then it’s going to take them a week to clean up.  The amount of brick dust, sand, and mortar that are all over the outside of our house is crazy.  I don’t even want to talk about how much I’ve cleaned up inside the house.  I have hopes that we’re almost through with this adventure though.  I think we’re going to get there soon!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

A Few More Squares

I periodically (when I’m not casting on for new things) add a few squares to the blanket.  You can kind of start to see how I’m working this - I’m alternating light and dark, and I’m doing one warm square, followed by two cool squares.  Sort of.  It’s not carved in stone and sometimes I just grab something and make a square of it, but by having a loose pattern to follow, I don’t drive myself crazy overthinking things (or maybe I’ve already done the overthinking when I started working in a pattern).  The next square will be a dark, warm color, if you’re curious.

Have a great weekend!  We’re listening to the dulcet tones of brick masons doing what ever it is that they do.  I think we’ve got another week of re-bricking and then they’ll come put our downspouts and light fixtures back on the house, as well as all the other things that were taken off before this started.  After that we’re going to have a discussion about the shrubbery.  In case you were curious, shrubbery doesn’t like re-bricking projects.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Changing Gears

I was working on my newest Ravello yesterday and as I added the darkest stripe and began my last white stripe (before the gray), I had a thought.  What if I didn’t use the gray?  What if I made this Ravello with an all white background?  I didn’t feel like I needed the gray, particularly since the ombre is so interesting color-wise.  The closer I got to where I should have been starting the gray, the more I wanted to just keep going with the white.  Since this is usually a sign that I should do whatever it is I’m thinking about, I did a quick count of my skeins of white and decided to keep going.  The farther I got in white, the more I feel like this is the best choice for this Ravello.  This will be my first two color Ravello (if you count the ombre as one color).

There’s going to be a fun part though, for you, as you watch me knit this.  I’m not 100% sure I have enough white to do this.  It’s going to be a squeaker.  I’ve already added another stripe to the body and I’ll use more stripes on the sleeves than I have on previous Ravellos.  Each additional stripe of the ombre color means I’ll use less white.  I could also make 3/4 length sleeves, but the fact remains that I don’t know for sure if I have enough white.  I’m going to be doing a lot of weighing of skeins as I knit to figure out exactly how I can do this (and I will be able to do it), but it might take some creativity on my part.

Challenge Accepted!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Loopy Academy

After Camp Loopy this summer, I was all prepared to get back to my regular knitting schedule and get some things knit up from stash.  Then Sheri came up with Loopy Academy!  If you haven’t heard about it, here’s her blog post with all the details.  It’s much more relaxed than Camp Loopy, the projects can be smaller, and you have more time to get them finished (until the end of the year).  This means I can fit Loopy Academy projects into my regular knitting much more easily than Camp Loopy.
I haven’t chosen my hat or mitten projects yet (or picked yarn), but I’ve gotten yarn and started the cowl project.  I’m using Dream in Color Smooshy With Cashmere in Rock the Olive for a Standing Stones cowl.  I’ve adjusted my numbers a bit because the variation in fingering weight will be too big for me.  I want it to fit like the worsted weight version does (the solid, blue green one at the top of the pattern page).  I also used a picot cast on for the first time because I thought that might be nice for the top edge of the cowl.

I’ll decide on the hat and mittens projects later.  The cowl will be my biggest project of the “semester” so getting that out of the way quickly will give me a head start.

I haven’t looked at the cowl together with my new Ravello, but I think the purple/multi colored yarns are probably pretty similar.  I’ll have to take a look at them later.

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