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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A New Pair of Socks

Birch skyp sock 
This past spring, one of the Loopy Academy requirements was to knit a pair of socks.  I chose a pattern but paid attention to the pattern chatter on the Loopy Groupies board on Ravelry, because you never know when you'll find a new sock pattern.  Several of the other knitters knit the Simple Skyp pattern and seemed very happy with it.  One of the things I'm trying to watch for is patterns I can use for Mickael (and Caleb once his feet stop growing), but I've learned the hard way that I prefer simple patterns for a such a large sock.  The Simple Skyp pattern looked like it would fit the bill, but I decided to give it a test drive on a pair of socks for me, before I commit to knitting acres and acres of sock.

I'm using Madelinetosh Twist Light in Birch Gray and I've just barely gotten started on the main pattern.  I'm pretty sure this will definitely work for man socks.  It is an easy pattern - easy to memorize and easy to knit - and the couple of repeats I've worked, I've enjoyed.  I'll finish my socks before I cast on for a pair of manly socks, but I think this is going to work!

Also, I realize that you can't see the pattern at all on my photo because I just haven't gotten far enough.  If you click on the link to the pattern in the first paragraph, there are pictures of finished socks.  Sorry, just realized I'm babbling on and on about a pattern and my own photo shows you nothing about it.  Once the sock is bigger, it will be easier to see.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Another Pink Sweater, As Promised!

Featherweight Pop Rocks 
I cast on for a new pink cardigan this weekend!  I actually cast on for three different sweaters, but the first two didn't work.  The first plan was to knit a cardigan, but I couldn't get gauge quite right.  This was one of those rare patterns where you have to have both stitch gauge and row gauge, and I couldn't get the two to match up.  Then I cast on for a pullover and was knitting along happily, right up until I realized I didn't have enough yarn to actually finish it.  So, I started over again.  For my third attempt, I went back to a tried and true pattern - Featherweight Cardigan.  I've knit three of these (one was a gift), and they are in pretty regular rotation in my cooler weather wardrobe, so I know another one will be useful.

I'm knitting it in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Pop Rocks.  I'm using the pink needles again, it's living in the pink bag, but just to mix things up, I'm using blue stitch markers (they're hidden in the roll in the photo).  I can't become predictable!


Friday, June 24, 2016

Another Finished!

Cameo shawl 
In addition to yesterday's socks, I've also finished my Cameo shawl!  This was a fun, quick project to knit.  It was also pretty great for autopilot knitting, which was nice, since the socks were not.  I used Malabrigo Mechita in Musas and Sandbank.  I've used Mechita for several things before and it's super soft and nice to knit with.  It's a singles yarn, kind of like Madelinetosh's Tosh Merino Light or Dream in Color's Jilly, but I think Mechita is a little bit fatter than the other two and there are also more thick and thin parts in Mechita.  TML and Jilly are more of a consistent size.  There isn't a huge range of thick and thin in Mechita, the thinnest places are about the same diameter as TML and the thick places are more just puffy spots that compress into the knitting stitches, but the Mechita isn't quite as consistently spun.  I do love knitting with it, and I've fallen in love with Malabrigo's colors, but I probably won't mix Mechita with TML and Jilly.  (I do think you could easily mix TML and Jilly in the same project.)
Cameo shawl
Here's a close up so you can see what's going in the darkness of the Musas colorway.  This shawl has a definite fall or winter feel to it, but even in the dark color that is Musas there are is a bunch going on.

Have a great weekend!  I'm going to start a new pink cardigan!


Thursday, June 23, 2016


Twisted socks 
I've finished my Twisted socks, and I would like to note that I knit one left sock and one right sock.  This project could have very well ended with two left socks, but I kept things straight and knit one of each.  I love the finished socks and I think they're very pretty with the twisted ribbing.  I knit them in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in H.R.H. Crown Princess of Purple, Violetta.  The pattern is Twisted, from Knitty several years ago.

This was my third attempt at this pattern.  The first one was a lighter weight sock yarn and they were going to be a little bit tight.  The second attempt was with a yarn that was too variegated for the pattern (sometimes slipped stitches work with variegation, not this time).  This time, everything came together and I'm really happy with my finished socks!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I have knit all the way through the Musas color on my Cameo, so no more stripes, and that means lace!  The lace edging to this shawl is super simple, but adds a nice texture to it.  The Sandbank color reminds me of antique linen and I love the way it pairs with the dark tones in the Musas.  I actually ended up running out of Musas earlier than I was supposed to, so my Cameo has fewer stripes than the pattern calls for.  Fortunately, this is the kind of pattern where it's easy to start and stop the different sections without having to do complicated math types of things to get the sections to fit together.  I enjoy not having to do complicated math type things!

Also, just a note, I still haven't cast on for my next pink sweater!  I'm being such a good PinkLemon finishing other things first, I should get an award!  We won't discuss the two giant, honking blankets waiting for me to get back to them, shall we?


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Working Towards the Toe

Twisted sock. Right sock 
I've gotten a lot done on the right sock for my pair of Twisted socks.  I'm past the heel turn and I've decreased the gusset areas and now I'm working to the toe.  For such a simple stitch pattern, there's a lot going on with this sock as the stitches twist across the toe.  I love the look of it and it's very pretty on the foot, but this is not a portable project at this stage of the knitting.

Yes, technically all this effort will be inside a shoe, but I tend to run around barefoot or sock footed most of the time anyway, and besides, I'll know how pretty my socks are! 


Monday, June 20, 2016

You Look Like A Pink Nightmare!

Pink memories 
What happens when you knit the Pink Memories pattern in pink yarn on pink needles with pink stitch markers?  You get a Pink Nightmare, but in a good way!  It's all finished and waiting for cooler weather now.
Pink memories
This was a fun and fast knit.  I'll probably do it again at some point (maybe with less pink, but no promises), but I'm thinking about doing the front in seed stitch instead of garter stitch.  I find that my gauge is similar between the two, so it might work.  I think the pocket is so cute and really makes a simple design more interesting.

You'll be proud to know that I have not yet cast on for my next pink sweater, but the pattern is in knitCompanion and is about 98% set up, so it's only a matter of time before I cast on.